Monday, December 20, 2010

Longest. day. ever...This stemmed from the longest. night. ever.

But it's cool, cause it was totally worth being awake, and staying up late for nights and nights in a row to be with some of my awesome far-away friends.

The Walkers: are amazing. Only they could pull off 20 or so extra people around their place. at the same time as putting on an amazing production of 'Fiddler on the Roof'. It was so great, and i had the worst crick in my neck from sitting so close to the stage. But it was so good being right next to the actors, that i totally went back for seconds :D. It was so neck-crickable-worthy!

And then we'd come home from the theartre and drink tea, and be snug underneath rugs, and talk and talk, until we got kicked out to get to bed. I'm pretty sure that i had baggy eyes, and was slightly unfocused in the mornings, but it was GREAT!

Milly's 18th was great. Music and Dancing are the best, and fires, and fire twirling. IT WAS AWESOME!

But anyway, I am so tired now. But i unpacked my bag. That's a plus.

and I'm in my own bed tonight. That's a plus.

And only 4 more days until christmas! That's definitely a plus!

Em :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Finished yr 10 baby!!!!!!!!!
It's a pretty good feeling! But 2 years left of school....Trepidation is definitely a key feeling at the moment. But Elation as well....
Now if only i could decide what to do after....

Broken Hill tomorrow, can't wait to catch up again with old friends....(ok i saw them like 2 weeks ago, but i can't wait)....definitely not looking forward to the 800 kms though :P But that's what ipods and Harry Potter book 5 is for right? Don't tell mum i'm reading it again. :P

Did I mention that my favourite song at the moment is "Better Together" by Jack Johnson :) no? well it is!

Em :)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mweow! It has been a long time since I last blogged.....I finally have something beautiful and exciting to blog about. Not that life isn't normally beautiful and exciting, it is continually throwing itself in my face and surprising me. But this was a very special moment!

So....Muster was this weekend. It was so great to see some friends who I haven't seen in a while. They've all gotten so grown up and beautiful! It was just like old times, with around ten of us, all around 13-14-15 years old. Except last time it was more like 11-12-13. Hehehe, it's so funny how we grow up. Hannah, Annabelle, Jesse, Georgia, Hannah, Jo-jo, Jordie, Angela, and Cherry- You're all so beautiful, and whenever I think of you I'm greatful that you're in my life.

So that was Saturday, when we played "Bang", a game i have not played since.....a very long time ago. We talked until we had caught up with each others lives, and when we had done that, a small water fight ensued.

Then we had a concert on Saturday night, where we got to watch everyone sing and share. (and yes I got up there myself, and sung a song I wrote a while ago. So cool to be able to share it with people!) When I finally fell into bed that night I was exhausted, but exhilarated.

I sat in on a sermon on Sunday morning. The guy had some good stuff to say. I found out that some of my friends were getting baptised that afternoon, and determined not to miss it. Then it was back to my friendly friends, and wide games (from which my arm is killing me. I hate noodles/swords.). After that I decided to go with my friend Joey, out to the Centre, and it was nice to have some D&M-ing with her. We finally headed down to the river to watch her sister, Lydia, and my good friend Izzy get baptised. (Also a few other I didn't know. Congrats on your baptisms nameless people. :))

I watched them getting baptised, and I could see their faces, dripping, smiling, breathless with the public commitment they'd just made. Then I started to feel something inside me nudging me.

It said something like, "Go on! Get baptised. It's ideal"

Me: "But how can I be sure, God??? What if Im not ready? I want to follow you....but.."

Then it struck me I did want to be baptised. I'd thought about it for a while, and I really did want to follow Him for the rest of my life! What better way to show it. But there was still that nagging doubt, the one that says, "I don't know...what if I'm not ready...Everyone's watching..."

One by one, the pre-arranged baptisms finished and I heard 5ish people tell everyone why they wanted to be baptised, and how they wanted to follow God for the rest of their lives. Then Chris, this guy I know asked a friend to baptise him, they were standing right next to me...and I started to get really emotional. I wanted to cry.

Pull yourself together!!!!

Then that was over with, and everyone started to walk away, and inside I said to myself, "Phew, nearly lost it for a second there.." Then I hear a voice say "EVERYONE COME BACK!"


Annabelle's brother Sam, had just asked his dad to baptise him. I knew this was my last chance, my second chance. I was tearing up, and I knew it was right. I went to my wonderful daddy, put my arm around him and said, "Dad, I know you're wearing your sunday clothes, but will you baptise me?" (Ok, I probably could of thought of something better, but hey, at least it wasn't cliche :P) Of course my lovely father said yes.

Then with these big black ominous clouds rumbling with thunder all around this group of people who I really care about, and rain starting to spit down on us, Dad lead me to the edge of the swollen, flooded river, and called out to Paul , who was still standing knee deep in the water, "Lets do one more!" (thanks dad...) We watched Sam make his declaration, and come up out of the water, shaking his head, sending water everywhere.

I was crying by now. ( I know. Me! The rock...) And when I was standing waist deep in the water, and my Dad asked me why I wanted to be baptised. I can't really remember what I choked out. I just remember my emotions; happiness, security in both my daddy's arms, and just this absolute peace of mind, I just knew it was the right thing!

And the Dad and Paul baptised me, and I came up sputtering, crying, dripping, and slipping around in the muddy river. Some kind person gave me a towel, I didn't see who, (thankyou Kind Stranger :D You're the best) and I was crying and hugging everyone and people were taking photos. Man it was the best. I was so glad that I could share this special moment with all my special friends (well not all of them, but hey, it wasn't premeditated. I really wish everyone I care about coulda been there!)

And God pulled out his best sky for all us that got baptised. Rainbows. Plural! TWO! I couldn't believe it. I'd never seen that happen before.

We finished the night with mud volleyball, and a BBQ and singing!

This was definitely in the top ten of days!

Im so happy God. You picked the best day, with the best witnesses. This is all your plan. Your plan is AWESOME!

You are awesome!

Em :)

PS Thanks to Kaity, my beautiful sister, who doesn't know it, but I've been leaning on her and sapping her knowledge all year. Thankyou Mummy and Dad. You show me the right way. Special thanks to Dad for baptising me, it made the moment even more special.

Also Kate and Hannah, everytime I talk to you you are encouraging and show me a bit of Jesus.

I love you guys.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finding Me

I haven't written in the long time. It's not cause there hasn't been stuff to blog about....I'm just lazy. I could have written and complained about a heap blogs, about a heap of stuff. Such as :

- Work

- McBiblestudy

- My Crazy, Stupid, Friends

- Kylie coming home (and that is oooold news!)

- Wishes

- My Teeth

- ISCF (I really can't believe i didn't blog about that! Best. Thing. Ever!)

- And a million other things! Which I will not list here, because who wants to taste a million stories, and not hear them.

So I've just entitled this blog, "Finding Me", because i think that's been a big thing for me lately.

I used to be really insecure about a lot of things, and it's not that I'm becoming a different person, just maybe more of myself than I was. It's awesome :) It makes life so rose coloured. And no, I don't think I'm on some Happy- Hormonal - High. Seriously. Im actually kind of sick at the moment, and my voice, isn't working, and this doesn't make me happy. Normally, I sing ALL the time, now when I open up my mouth this croaky, wierd sound comes out. YUCK! So I'm pretty quiet. Which feels so wierdddd! That should be proof that I'm not on a happy high :)

SoI've been reading this lady's blog, her name is Kelle Hapton, and if you havent read her blog, you can find it here, she's SO super-duper inspirational.

I just want to say that, Emily Haase is going to start enjoying the small things. Like photos, collages on my wall, new paintings on old canvases :D, singing, piano, being an art-fart (which I'm kind of ok with :P), being with my friends, all the hair pieces that i can't help but wear lately :D, my family (they're the best!), and God. (Last but defo not least!)

And I think maybe, just maybe.....I'm finding God, not finding Emily, and that's why I'm more me than I ever was :)

Some pics I love, and that make me happy :)


Friday, July 2, 2010

Chips, Chalk, and Deep Talks

Aaaah! What a great week I'm having. Having two of my favourite friends staying with me is pretty much my piece of cake. They were both staying at the same time, which is, like, the cherry on top of the cake. And they stayed almost a whole week, and we had a week off school! That's like the.....well, something else yum to put on my cake. Maybe chocolate iceing, or whipped cream, or icing sugar :D.

Thursday was the funnest day! (is that a word? Don't think so.) Chillaxing until late morning, chatting away. Then Hannah got the incredible idea. The idea that just takes the cake!

Chips, and Scallops for lunch! Pretty good, aye?

So walked the 2 and a half kms to get to chip shop. And man, was it worth it!!! 7 bucks worth of chip, 8 scallops, and 2 large bottles of splashe later, we all had huge food babies!!!! And we sat in between car parks, so close that when the cars drove passed we could have touched them. People walked past and looked at us enviously. I was almost tempted to call out, "Hey, do you wanna share?" but i didn't. They probably would have glanced at me, and hurried away, pretending not to hear. Haha! I was tempted to do it, just for the awkwardness it would cause. But i controlled myself. But it was pretty funny inside my head.

The walk home was refreshing, especially after all the oil! Then chalk drawing for hours on the road, outline people's shadows, Drawing flowers and fish, and baby dinasours. It was really fun! Then playing Fly. Which is the worst game IN THE WORLD. Mostly cause I lose. But Hannah is freakishly good at it.

Then being exhausted, but still talking until passed midnight! It was so fun!

We've been pretending it's summer even though, y'know, it's so flipping cold that all we want to do is stay in bed with the electric blanket turned up full-bull. So, on Wednesday, in honour of our pretend summer week, we went swimming, in our backyard pool. It took a lot of working up to: Examining our old summer tan lines, trying to find swimmers, jumping on the trampoline, to "warm up", dreading that which we knew was going to come. Ha! lucky one of us has some sense. Angela is always the sensible one, so she documented the whole thing, my camera has had such a workout these holidays!

Finally the moment came. We held hands, the less-assured Jordan dipped her toes in, then refused to tell us if it was warm or not. (probably knew that I would run the opposite direction!)
Then we took a deep breath, and jumped. And froze. It was so cold. Flailing arms and legs went everywhere, and screaming girls swum for there life. Brrrrr, i get shivers thinking about it!

But it was SO woth it. even just for the photos we got!

Ya gotta love the holidays :D


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Horses. I've figured out that i actually don't mind being with them! I actually LIKE them! I've been doing horsemanship lessons. I've had three. but all them same. I like them lots!!!!! It helps that it's my friend Cherry's mama that's doing it with me, and that their horses are all as friendly as.....I don't know......something very friendly!
Last Friday was so cool, I had this horse cantering around me, and I think that, maybe, she was having as much fun as me! Of course it's probably not as fun for her when I do something wrong or click at her (something i find very difficult, considering my braced mouth lately) to many times and then she walks so fast i can't keep up :S.
And it doesn't even matter that I get home and my fingernails are all black, and I smell like a horse, and my jeans are a lil' hairy. I actually like the horse smell! Talk about amazing. We are talking about someone who used to feel squeamish just watching someone kiss a horse. I have to confess that there has maybe been some horse kissin' on my part :D! But don't worry I'm not planning on chewing tobacco, or wearing a cowboy hat, or spurs. And I'll try not to pull my lassoo out to often. :P

I'm pretty lucky I reckon.

This is Cherry, and me, one of my favourites at the moment.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hot Chocolate Weather

This is todays photo.

I love hot chocolate weather. Autumn, it's definitely the time for Hot Chocolates, Electric Blankets, Breathing Out Hard so I can see my breath in the air, and getting bashed on the head with leaves. (Ha-ha Ruby Ha-ha)

Em x

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My kind of Party!

I'm sitting here, and it's early in the morning, just 7:30. I am having a quietish moment. Just editing photos. I've had a big w/e :). But I've enjoyed every second of it. Every cent i spent, every laugh i honked out, every photo i took, and word I've said, I enjoyed it all :-). And that was just Saturday!
My best girlfriend from Bourke, Georgiegirl, came to visit this w/e. I love her to pieces and we had a whole heap of fun, shopping all afternoon Saturday, searching through the 3 for 15 racks at Jay-Jays, or looking for the right size photo frame for a certain birthday coming up.

Even getting kicked out of Sam's Warehouse. (Heh heh)

Then Friday night was fantastic. I had my 15th birthday party. And Yes I did refrain from playing Fifteen by Taylor Swift. We all hung around and drank hot chocolate, and warmed up after a chilllllly night watching an outside movie at Youth. (If you've never seen August Rush, I suggest you do, it was a great! movie)

Then everyone gave me presents, and I love them all! The hair clip featuring in todays photo, was a present from my friend Maighan.

We ate Yummy Violet Crumble Dessert, and junk food. Then we went outside and sat around a beautifully constructed fire Outside!, and we ate marshmallows. It was funny, poking people's noses and exclaiming how cold they were.

Everyone was in bed by 1 and ready to sleep, well the boys were, the girls were of course happy to chat into the early hours. Of course the boys did seem a little more lively the next morning.

A pancake breakfast to top things off, and I'd that I had a pretty darn good time :D

Of course getting hit over the head by pillows to many times can make you a bit crazy, which is how I explain some randomness in this post. :-)

Now I'm sitting here in my flannel Pjs, my fingers are freezing off, and I am happy.

The new outfit I bought yesterday may also have something to do with it.

Em x


Thanks to my friendly Ruby, who wrote me a two paged letter to go with her very original present, and a poem in this letter which I will not include in this post because it is my room where there are sleeping people :). But I loved it. It almost cried with happiness when i read it.


Also this is a little shoutout to my best coastal friend Ashleigh, who couldn't come to my party because she was 12 hours, or 1,000 kms away, whichever you prefer. I love you and you make me smile whenever i talk to you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

something about everything

I had a birthday the other day. I got some awesome things :D Everyone was pretty nice to! It was a good day!
I got some mittens (purple),(thanks kylie!)
I got some great earrings, and a tripod (you go m+d)
And a pair of fantastic over the ear headphones (Tom, Jen, and Joz, You're the best!)
And Finally ~Dah-Daaaaaaaaaah!~ A picnik Premium!!!!! (from the loverly Kitkat)

I am making great use of all of them, i can assure you!

I went to the Zoo yesterday with a friend and her wee baby! It was great fun. At my request i took a million photos of bubsie and they turned out pretty good, its exciting! If I end up really being a photographer, it will be great to see how my style changes along the way.
It's sort of a dream, but im not really sure if thats what i want to do. I guess things like that are always a jump.
I read a book about two weeks ago, and it was called Do Hard Things. It was a real chalenge to rise above average and do hard things, even the small hard things which i'm terrible at!
So if you can get your hands on that book, i suggest you read it.


Friday, May 14, 2010

A whole week has flown by, just like that. It's amazing how fast things go when you forget to watch. I forget to watch all the time. But everything is so exciting to look at that you can't sit and meditate on life ALL the time. I think you'd miss some great bits if you did, and some bits if you didn't.

So this week I did school, there was some very interesting bits learning about Mark Antony, and Augustus Ceasar, and Cleopatra. Then there was math, which we are hoping i understood.

Last night I went to Bible Study, and that was really good. I really like going :)
I have Youth tonight and it's dress up as something starting with 'S', Mines a Secret though :-).

I recorded a song this week, it made me so excited. It went surprisingly well, and It just needs some level adjusting and i need to get some better drums i think.

Oh well time to go and help with dinner. I haven't told much about my week, but it's been busy in a quiet sort of way.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Musical Happiness

I'm excited!

I'm excited about the fact that I have found something awesome. Not just "Oh, yea that's pretty cool...." But to me...Awesome!
I have been trying to record a few songs, they sound ok, but since it's hard to get anything except guitar or piano and vocals in there, with my limited resources, they're pretty average.
But this is Awesome. And I owe it to my Brother, who gave me the idea. I can now add drums and bass to my recordings! See I told you Awesome!!!
I knew that our keyboard was a bit talented, even when no one was playing it, but I never thought that I could use the drum demo in recordings, or that the bass settings could be added!

I can't wait to do some more recordings!!!! Yay!

Thanks Tom!

and Hannah, because without you I wouldn't have even known how to do recordings!

This morning when I woke up, I said to myself, "Oh, blah, Monday."
But this sunny day has made me feel pretty happy.

I mean, why shouldn't I be? :-D

Fairy Floss Hangovers

I went a little crazy this w/e. I went to the Dubbo Show.


No not really.

I went with Mark and Jenna and that was pretty fun. We went on a couple of rides, watched fireworks, tried to figure out how all the games worked, screamed my lungs out, and ate fairy floss.

I swear this morning, Jen and I BOTH had a fairy floss hangover.
Is this possible???

On another note.


I love you Mum xx


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Those Wierd Friends Everyone Has.....

Everyone has those friends that bring out the wierd side in you. I also suspect that you might bring out the wierd side in them....
I think maybe they're the best kind.
The other night I went out to Burrabadine, and I saw a whole bunch of friends that I haven't seen in ages! Then we decided we should sleep over at the school. Us being all together is of course, a recipe for wierdness. Put that together with the fact that it's late at night, and we are teenage girls who are quite happy to act retarded. Also one of my wierder friends drank coffee, which she would never normally drink, and it goes crazy.
So it started off quite well, we had no blankets so we went to a few of my friends houses asking for blankets and pillows and such. Then the sleeping bag wars started. Everyone got knocked down at least 5 times each. Im sure we have the bruises to prove it. But whatever doesn't kill you just makes you...stranger. And as it got later, things definitely got stranger! Then it hit 2:30 - 3:00, and i was lying on the ground in my sleeping bag with chairs piled on top of me unable to get out. (Thanks HANNAH!>() Thankfully I had a less evil friend to help me out. That's when i fell asleep. On the ground with no pillows or a mattress. I was so tired. I was a little bit glad i didn't have to play Truth or Dare, which happened later in the night. What i wasn't glad about was the fact that they left me there. On the Ground. AND STOLE ALL THE BLANKETS AND PILLOWS THEMSELVES!!! Then I woke up super early and jumped on Annabelle after feeling it would be to mean to push her off her bed. :-)

So we had 3 hours sleep.

It was worth it.

I love those wierd friends. :-)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Ode to My Fish

Darling Jaws, so orange and fishy,
You were such a happy guy.
The nicest fish I've ever known,
Why did you have to die?

I went away on holidays,
It was only a week.
I left you with my sisters,
When I came home it was you i did seek.

Only to find you in a coma,
Lying on your side.
Your gills moving only a little,
Your little eyes gaping wide.

I didn't know what to do,
I quickly cleaned your bowl.
That did seem to help a bit,
But then you lost control.

"Come on Jaws!" I cried to him,
"You can do it if you try."
He looked at me so helplessly,
It made me want to cry.

I remember all the good times,
Of you talking to me.
You'd swim around and have such fun,
You were happy as can be. :-)

I only wanted you to swim around,
like you used to do.
In about an hours time,
Dad flushed you down the Loo.

I couldn't do it myself,
The thought of it made me queasy.
The thought of you being in my toilet,
Made me a little uneasy.

I do have one last hope for you,
All drains lead to the ocean.
At least that's what Finding Nemo said,
Nothing good rhymes with ocean.

So when I went to sleep last night,
I had a disturbing dream.
That I woke up this morning to find you,
Alive and well it would seem.

So I had some doubts,
If you were really dead.
But I swear you stopped breathing!
With your head on your watery bed.

So RIP my little Goldy,
I am very sure.
That you are swimming happily,
On Heavens distant shore.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tired but Happy

Well...It's been a long, and really good week. My sister J and I went to Bourke, we went down on the bus on Tuesday, and were chauffered home by my brother at about 3:30 this morning. As you can imagine, my eyeballls do feel like they're about to fall out. So tired. I am very happy nonetheless. I stayed with my awesome friend, Georgie, who put up with with as much mess as 3 teenage girls can create. :-)
Swimming, watching the bbc series of Robin Hood, Fires, and not much sleep = awesome fun.
So yes my eyeballs DO eel like they're about to fall out and i have baggy eyes, and a week of school ahead of me. But it was so totally worth it.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I am Superwoman.
I went to the movies last night, I had no money. So i asked my parents if they would swap a job for some cash. They said yes.
So this morning, I mowed the grass.
All by myself.
I am so proud of me. I went out there, and i did it. I wore my old footy jumper, and I sweated and grunted, and the whole time I was thinking of how amazed I would be at myself when I had done it.
I did it.
I now fancy myself somewhere up there with Catwoman, Lara Croft, and Elastigirl.
You may now call me: "Super Thing", "Oh, Amazing One", "Awesome Girl", "Kid Dynamite", "Chocolate Thunder", or "Ben".

So for a major ego kick, mow your lawn.

Clash of the Titans was pretty good to. =)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Randomness on a Rainy Day

I love the rain.
I love the fact that when it rains there is new stuff to take photos of, and that it is just perfect for snuggling up and watching a movie. Popcorn, and hot drinks make for the perfect cold day. It's even better when it's school holidays. Blobbing like a blob is all I'm good for on days like these. It doesn't help that I was just at a camp over Easter, during which i got about eight hours sleep all w/e. I had a great time though. It's always awesome doing stuff with my youth group. Not having enough sleep won't kill me. But it might make me a little....stranger.
Like this random blog. I mean strange, right?