Tuesday, May 18, 2010

something about everything

I had a birthday the other day. I got some awesome things :D Everyone was pretty nice to! It was a good day!
I got some mittens (purple),(thanks kylie!)
I got some great earrings, and a tripod (you go m+d)
And a pair of fantastic over the ear headphones (Tom, Jen, and Joz, You're the best!)
And Finally ~Dah-Daaaaaaaaaah!~ A picnik Premium!!!!! (from the loverly Kitkat)

I am making great use of all of them, i can assure you!

I went to the Zoo yesterday with a friend and her wee baby! It was great fun. At my request i took a million photos of bubsie and they turned out pretty good, its exciting! If I end up really being a photographer, it will be great to see how my style changes along the way.
It's sort of a dream, but im not really sure if thats what i want to do. I guess things like that are always a jump.
I read a book about two weeks ago, and it was called Do Hard Things. It was a real chalenge to rise above average and do hard things, even the small hard things which i'm terrible at!
So if you can get your hands on that book, i suggest you read it.


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