Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hot Chocolate Weather

This is todays photo.

I love hot chocolate weather. Autumn, it's definitely the time for Hot Chocolates, Electric Blankets, Breathing Out Hard so I can see my breath in the air, and getting bashed on the head with leaves. (Ha-ha Ruby Ha-ha)

Em x

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My kind of Party!

I'm sitting here, and it's early in the morning, just 7:30. I am having a quietish moment. Just editing photos. I've had a big w/e :). But I've enjoyed every second of it. Every cent i spent, every laugh i honked out, every photo i took, and word I've said, I enjoyed it all :-). And that was just Saturday!
My best girlfriend from Bourke, Georgiegirl, came to visit this w/e. I love her to pieces and we had a whole heap of fun, shopping all afternoon Saturday, searching through the 3 for 15 racks at Jay-Jays, or looking for the right size photo frame for a certain birthday coming up.

Even getting kicked out of Sam's Warehouse. (Heh heh)

Then Friday night was fantastic. I had my 15th birthday party. And Yes I did refrain from playing Fifteen by Taylor Swift. We all hung around and drank hot chocolate, and warmed up after a chilllllly night watching an outside movie at Youth. (If you've never seen August Rush, I suggest you do, it was a great! movie)

Then everyone gave me presents, and I love them all! The hair clip featuring in todays photo, was a present from my friend Maighan.

We ate Yummy Violet Crumble Dessert, and junk food. Then we went outside and sat around a beautifully constructed fire Outside!, and we ate marshmallows. It was funny, poking people's noses and exclaiming how cold they were.

Everyone was in bed by 1 and ready to sleep, well the boys were, the girls were of course happy to chat into the early hours. Of course the boys did seem a little more lively the next morning.

A pancake breakfast to top things off, and I'd that I had a pretty darn good time :D

Of course getting hit over the head by pillows to many times can make you a bit crazy, which is how I explain some randomness in this post. :-)

Now I'm sitting here in my flannel Pjs, my fingers are freezing off, and I am happy.

The new outfit I bought yesterday may also have something to do with it.

Em x


Thanks to my friendly Ruby, who wrote me a two paged letter to go with her very original present, and a poem in this letter which I will not include in this post because it is my room where there are sleeping people :). But I loved it. It almost cried with happiness when i read it.


Also this is a little shoutout to my best coastal friend Ashleigh, who couldn't come to my party because she was 12 hours, or 1,000 kms away, whichever you prefer. I love you and you make me smile whenever i talk to you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

something about everything

I had a birthday the other day. I got some awesome things :D Everyone was pretty nice to! It was a good day!
I got some mittens (purple),(thanks kylie!)
I got some great earrings, and a tripod (you go m+d)
And a pair of fantastic over the ear headphones (Tom, Jen, and Joz, You're the best!)
And Finally ~Dah-Daaaaaaaaaah!~ A picnik Premium!!!!! (from the loverly Kitkat)

I am making great use of all of them, i can assure you!

I went to the Zoo yesterday with a friend and her wee baby! It was great fun. At my request i took a million photos of bubsie and they turned out pretty good, its exciting! If I end up really being a photographer, it will be great to see how my style changes along the way.
It's sort of a dream, but im not really sure if thats what i want to do. I guess things like that are always a jump.
I read a book about two weeks ago, and it was called Do Hard Things. It was a real chalenge to rise above average and do hard things, even the small hard things which i'm terrible at!
So if you can get your hands on that book, i suggest you read it.


Friday, May 14, 2010

A whole week has flown by, just like that. It's amazing how fast things go when you forget to watch. I forget to watch all the time. But everything is so exciting to look at that you can't sit and meditate on life ALL the time. I think you'd miss some great bits if you did, and some bits if you didn't.

So this week I did school, there was some very interesting bits learning about Mark Antony, and Augustus Ceasar, and Cleopatra. Then there was math, which we are hoping i understood.

Last night I went to Bible Study, and that was really good. I really like going :)
I have Youth tonight and it's dress up as something starting with 'S', Mines a Secret though :-).

I recorded a song this week, it made me so excited. It went surprisingly well, and It just needs some level adjusting and i need to get some better drums i think.

Oh well time to go and help with dinner. I haven't told much about my week, but it's been busy in a quiet sort of way.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Musical Happiness

I'm excited!

I'm excited about the fact that I have found something awesome. Not just "Oh, yea that's pretty cool...." But to me...Awesome!
I have been trying to record a few songs, they sound ok, but since it's hard to get anything except guitar or piano and vocals in there, with my limited resources, they're pretty average.
But this is Awesome. And I owe it to my Brother, who gave me the idea. I can now add drums and bass to my recordings! See I told you Awesome!!!
I knew that our keyboard was a bit talented, even when no one was playing it, but I never thought that I could use the drum demo in recordings, or that the bass settings could be added!

I can't wait to do some more recordings!!!! Yay!

Thanks Tom!

and Hannah, because without you I wouldn't have even known how to do recordings!

This morning when I woke up, I said to myself, "Oh, blah, Monday."
But this sunny day has made me feel pretty happy.

I mean, why shouldn't I be? :-D

Fairy Floss Hangovers

I went a little crazy this w/e. I went to the Dubbo Show.


No not really.

I went with Mark and Jenna and that was pretty fun. We went on a couple of rides, watched fireworks, tried to figure out how all the games worked, screamed my lungs out, and ate fairy floss.

I swear this morning, Jen and I BOTH had a fairy floss hangover.
Is this possible???

On another note.


I love you Mum xx


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Those Wierd Friends Everyone Has.....

Everyone has those friends that bring out the wierd side in you. I also suspect that you might bring out the wierd side in them....
I think maybe they're the best kind.
The other night I went out to Burrabadine, and I saw a whole bunch of friends that I haven't seen in ages! Then we decided we should sleep over at the school. Us being all together is of course, a recipe for wierdness. Put that together with the fact that it's late at night, and we are teenage girls who are quite happy to act retarded. Also one of my wierder friends drank coffee, which she would never normally drink, and it goes crazy.
So it started off quite well, we had no blankets so we went to a few of my friends houses asking for blankets and pillows and such. Then the sleeping bag wars started. Everyone got knocked down at least 5 times each. Im sure we have the bruises to prove it. But whatever doesn't kill you just makes you...stranger. And as it got later, things definitely got stranger! Then it hit 2:30 - 3:00, and i was lying on the ground in my sleeping bag with chairs piled on top of me unable to get out. (Thanks HANNAH!>() Thankfully I had a less evil friend to help me out. That's when i fell asleep. On the ground with no pillows or a mattress. I was so tired. I was a little bit glad i didn't have to play Truth or Dare, which happened later in the night. What i wasn't glad about was the fact that they left me there. On the Ground. AND STOLE ALL THE BLANKETS AND PILLOWS THEMSELVES!!! Then I woke up super early and jumped on Annabelle after feeling it would be to mean to push her off her bed. :-)

So we had 3 hours sleep.

It was worth it.

I love those wierd friends. :-)