Friday, May 14, 2010

A whole week has flown by, just like that. It's amazing how fast things go when you forget to watch. I forget to watch all the time. But everything is so exciting to look at that you can't sit and meditate on life ALL the time. I think you'd miss some great bits if you did, and some bits if you didn't.

So this week I did school, there was some very interesting bits learning about Mark Antony, and Augustus Ceasar, and Cleopatra. Then there was math, which we are hoping i understood.

Last night I went to Bible Study, and that was really good. I really like going :)
I have Youth tonight and it's dress up as something starting with 'S', Mines a Secret though :-).

I recorded a song this week, it made me so excited. It went surprisingly well, and It just needs some level adjusting and i need to get some better drums i think.

Oh well time to go and help with dinner. I haven't told much about my week, but it's been busy in a quiet sort of way.


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