Friday, July 2, 2010

Chips, Chalk, and Deep Talks

Aaaah! What a great week I'm having. Having two of my favourite friends staying with me is pretty much my piece of cake. They were both staying at the same time, which is, like, the cherry on top of the cake. And they stayed almost a whole week, and we had a week off school! That's like the.....well, something else yum to put on my cake. Maybe chocolate iceing, or whipped cream, or icing sugar :D.

Thursday was the funnest day! (is that a word? Don't think so.) Chillaxing until late morning, chatting away. Then Hannah got the incredible idea. The idea that just takes the cake!

Chips, and Scallops for lunch! Pretty good, aye?

So walked the 2 and a half kms to get to chip shop. And man, was it worth it!!! 7 bucks worth of chip, 8 scallops, and 2 large bottles of splashe later, we all had huge food babies!!!! And we sat in between car parks, so close that when the cars drove passed we could have touched them. People walked past and looked at us enviously. I was almost tempted to call out, "Hey, do you wanna share?" but i didn't. They probably would have glanced at me, and hurried away, pretending not to hear. Haha! I was tempted to do it, just for the awkwardness it would cause. But i controlled myself. But it was pretty funny inside my head.

The walk home was refreshing, especially after all the oil! Then chalk drawing for hours on the road, outline people's shadows, Drawing flowers and fish, and baby dinasours. It was really fun! Then playing Fly. Which is the worst game IN THE WORLD. Mostly cause I lose. But Hannah is freakishly good at it.

Then being exhausted, but still talking until passed midnight! It was so fun!

We've been pretending it's summer even though, y'know, it's so flipping cold that all we want to do is stay in bed with the electric blanket turned up full-bull. So, on Wednesday, in honour of our pretend summer week, we went swimming, in our backyard pool. It took a lot of working up to: Examining our old summer tan lines, trying to find swimmers, jumping on the trampoline, to "warm up", dreading that which we knew was going to come. Ha! lucky one of us has some sense. Angela is always the sensible one, so she documented the whole thing, my camera has had such a workout these holidays!

Finally the moment came. We held hands, the less-assured Jordan dipped her toes in, then refused to tell us if it was warm or not. (probably knew that I would run the opposite direction!)
Then we took a deep breath, and jumped. And froze. It was so cold. Flailing arms and legs went everywhere, and screaming girls swum for there life. Brrrrr, i get shivers thinking about it!

But it was SO woth it. even just for the photos we got!

Ya gotta love the holidays :D