Sunday, May 2, 2010

Those Wierd Friends Everyone Has.....

Everyone has those friends that bring out the wierd side in you. I also suspect that you might bring out the wierd side in them....
I think maybe they're the best kind.
The other night I went out to Burrabadine, and I saw a whole bunch of friends that I haven't seen in ages! Then we decided we should sleep over at the school. Us being all together is of course, a recipe for wierdness. Put that together with the fact that it's late at night, and we are teenage girls who are quite happy to act retarded. Also one of my wierder friends drank coffee, which she would never normally drink, and it goes crazy.
So it started off quite well, we had no blankets so we went to a few of my friends houses asking for blankets and pillows and such. Then the sleeping bag wars started. Everyone got knocked down at least 5 times each. Im sure we have the bruises to prove it. But whatever doesn't kill you just makes you...stranger. And as it got later, things definitely got stranger! Then it hit 2:30 - 3:00, and i was lying on the ground in my sleeping bag with chairs piled on top of me unable to get out. (Thanks HANNAH!>() Thankfully I had a less evil friend to help me out. That's when i fell asleep. On the ground with no pillows or a mattress. I was so tired. I was a little bit glad i didn't have to play Truth or Dare, which happened later in the night. What i wasn't glad about was the fact that they left me there. On the Ground. AND STOLE ALL THE BLANKETS AND PILLOWS THEMSELVES!!! Then I woke up super early and jumped on Annabelle after feeling it would be to mean to push her off her bed. :-)

So we had 3 hours sleep.

It was worth it.

I love those wierd friends. :-)

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