Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Ode to My Fish

Darling Jaws, so orange and fishy,
You were such a happy guy.
The nicest fish I've ever known,
Why did you have to die?

I went away on holidays,
It was only a week.
I left you with my sisters,
When I came home it was you i did seek.

Only to find you in a coma,
Lying on your side.
Your gills moving only a little,
Your little eyes gaping wide.

I didn't know what to do,
I quickly cleaned your bowl.
That did seem to help a bit,
But then you lost control.

"Come on Jaws!" I cried to him,
"You can do it if you try."
He looked at me so helplessly,
It made me want to cry.

I remember all the good times,
Of you talking to me.
You'd swim around and have such fun,
You were happy as can be. :-)

I only wanted you to swim around,
like you used to do.
In about an hours time,
Dad flushed you down the Loo.

I couldn't do it myself,
The thought of it made me queasy.
The thought of you being in my toilet,
Made me a little uneasy.

I do have one last hope for you,
All drains lead to the ocean.
At least that's what Finding Nemo said,
Nothing good rhymes with ocean.

So when I went to sleep last night,
I had a disturbing dream.
That I woke up this morning to find you,
Alive and well it would seem.

So I had some doubts,
If you were really dead.
But I swear you stopped breathing!
With your head on your watery bed.

So RIP my little Goldy,
I am very sure.
That you are swimming happily,
On Heavens distant shore.


  1. HEY! it's actually ash, here. not jordan. but i don't know how to comment not being jordan. so here i am.

    can i just say i LOVE this poem? and i love you, em. call me.