Saturday, May 22, 2010

My kind of Party!

I'm sitting here, and it's early in the morning, just 7:30. I am having a quietish moment. Just editing photos. I've had a big w/e :). But I've enjoyed every second of it. Every cent i spent, every laugh i honked out, every photo i took, and word I've said, I enjoyed it all :-). And that was just Saturday!
My best girlfriend from Bourke, Georgiegirl, came to visit this w/e. I love her to pieces and we had a whole heap of fun, shopping all afternoon Saturday, searching through the 3 for 15 racks at Jay-Jays, or looking for the right size photo frame for a certain birthday coming up.

Even getting kicked out of Sam's Warehouse. (Heh heh)

Then Friday night was fantastic. I had my 15th birthday party. And Yes I did refrain from playing Fifteen by Taylor Swift. We all hung around and drank hot chocolate, and warmed up after a chilllllly night watching an outside movie at Youth. (If you've never seen August Rush, I suggest you do, it was a great! movie)

Then everyone gave me presents, and I love them all! The hair clip featuring in todays photo, was a present from my friend Maighan.

We ate Yummy Violet Crumble Dessert, and junk food. Then we went outside and sat around a beautifully constructed fire Outside!, and we ate marshmallows. It was funny, poking people's noses and exclaiming how cold they were.

Everyone was in bed by 1 and ready to sleep, well the boys were, the girls were of course happy to chat into the early hours. Of course the boys did seem a little more lively the next morning.

A pancake breakfast to top things off, and I'd that I had a pretty darn good time :D

Of course getting hit over the head by pillows to many times can make you a bit crazy, which is how I explain some randomness in this post. :-)

Now I'm sitting here in my flannel Pjs, my fingers are freezing off, and I am happy.

The new outfit I bought yesterday may also have something to do with it.

Em x


Thanks to my friendly Ruby, who wrote me a two paged letter to go with her very original present, and a poem in this letter which I will not include in this post because it is my room where there are sleeping people :). But I loved it. It almost cried with happiness when i read it.


Also this is a little shoutout to my best coastal friend Ashleigh, who couldn't come to my party because she was 12 hours, or 1,000 kms away, whichever you prefer. I love you and you make me smile whenever i talk to you.

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