Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mweow! It has been a long time since I last blogged.....I finally have something beautiful and exciting to blog about. Not that life isn't normally beautiful and exciting, it is continually throwing itself in my face and surprising me. But this was a very special moment!

So....Muster was this weekend. It was so great to see some friends who I haven't seen in a while. They've all gotten so grown up and beautiful! It was just like old times, with around ten of us, all around 13-14-15 years old. Except last time it was more like 11-12-13. Hehehe, it's so funny how we grow up. Hannah, Annabelle, Jesse, Georgia, Hannah, Jo-jo, Jordie, Angela, and Cherry- You're all so beautiful, and whenever I think of you I'm greatful that you're in my life.

So that was Saturday, when we played "Bang", a game i have not played since.....a very long time ago. We talked until we had caught up with each others lives, and when we had done that, a small water fight ensued.

Then we had a concert on Saturday night, where we got to watch everyone sing and share. (and yes I got up there myself, and sung a song I wrote a while ago. So cool to be able to share it with people!) When I finally fell into bed that night I was exhausted, but exhilarated.

I sat in on a sermon on Sunday morning. The guy had some good stuff to say. I found out that some of my friends were getting baptised that afternoon, and determined not to miss it. Then it was back to my friendly friends, and wide games (from which my arm is killing me. I hate noodles/swords.). After that I decided to go with my friend Joey, out to the Centre, and it was nice to have some D&M-ing with her. We finally headed down to the river to watch her sister, Lydia, and my good friend Izzy get baptised. (Also a few other I didn't know. Congrats on your baptisms nameless people. :))

I watched them getting baptised, and I could see their faces, dripping, smiling, breathless with the public commitment they'd just made. Then I started to feel something inside me nudging me.

It said something like, "Go on! Get baptised. It's ideal"

Me: "But how can I be sure, God??? What if Im not ready? I want to follow you....but.."

Then it struck me I did want to be baptised. I'd thought about it for a while, and I really did want to follow Him for the rest of my life! What better way to show it. But there was still that nagging doubt, the one that says, "I don't know...what if I'm not ready...Everyone's watching..."

One by one, the pre-arranged baptisms finished and I heard 5ish people tell everyone why they wanted to be baptised, and how they wanted to follow God for the rest of their lives. Then Chris, this guy I know asked a friend to baptise him, they were standing right next to me...and I started to get really emotional. I wanted to cry.

Pull yourself together!!!!

Then that was over with, and everyone started to walk away, and inside I said to myself, "Phew, nearly lost it for a second there.." Then I hear a voice say "EVERYONE COME BACK!"


Annabelle's brother Sam, had just asked his dad to baptise him. I knew this was my last chance, my second chance. I was tearing up, and I knew it was right. I went to my wonderful daddy, put my arm around him and said, "Dad, I know you're wearing your sunday clothes, but will you baptise me?" (Ok, I probably could of thought of something better, but hey, at least it wasn't cliche :P) Of course my lovely father said yes.

Then with these big black ominous clouds rumbling with thunder all around this group of people who I really care about, and rain starting to spit down on us, Dad lead me to the edge of the swollen, flooded river, and called out to Paul , who was still standing knee deep in the water, "Lets do one more!" (thanks dad...) We watched Sam make his declaration, and come up out of the water, shaking his head, sending water everywhere.

I was crying by now. ( I know. Me! The rock...) And when I was standing waist deep in the water, and my Dad asked me why I wanted to be baptised. I can't really remember what I choked out. I just remember my emotions; happiness, security in both my daddy's arms, and just this absolute peace of mind, I just knew it was the right thing!

And the Dad and Paul baptised me, and I came up sputtering, crying, dripping, and slipping around in the muddy river. Some kind person gave me a towel, I didn't see who, (thankyou Kind Stranger :D You're the best) and I was crying and hugging everyone and people were taking photos. Man it was the best. I was so glad that I could share this special moment with all my special friends (well not all of them, but hey, it wasn't premeditated. I really wish everyone I care about coulda been there!)

And God pulled out his best sky for all us that got baptised. Rainbows. Plural! TWO! I couldn't believe it. I'd never seen that happen before.

We finished the night with mud volleyball, and a BBQ and singing!

This was definitely in the top ten of days!

Im so happy God. You picked the best day, with the best witnesses. This is all your plan. Your plan is AWESOME!

You are awesome!

Em :)

PS Thanks to Kaity, my beautiful sister, who doesn't know it, but I've been leaning on her and sapping her knowledge all year. Thankyou Mummy and Dad. You show me the right way. Special thanks to Dad for baptising me, it made the moment even more special.

Also Kate and Hannah, everytime I talk to you you are encouraging and show me a bit of Jesus.

I love you guys.

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  1. ahhh Em, you're so beautiful. I so wish I could have been there, reading your rendition of the day was so wonderful. Congratulations!!!!!! Love you, Roseanne