Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finding Me

I haven't written in the long time. It's not cause there hasn't been stuff to blog about....I'm just lazy. I could have written and complained about a heap blogs, about a heap of stuff. Such as :

- Work

- McBiblestudy

- My Crazy, Stupid, Friends

- Kylie coming home (and that is oooold news!)

- Wishes

- My Teeth

- ISCF (I really can't believe i didn't blog about that! Best. Thing. Ever!)

- And a million other things! Which I will not list here, because who wants to taste a million stories, and not hear them.

So I've just entitled this blog, "Finding Me", because i think that's been a big thing for me lately.

I used to be really insecure about a lot of things, and it's not that I'm becoming a different person, just maybe more of myself than I was. It's awesome :) It makes life so rose coloured. And no, I don't think I'm on some Happy- Hormonal - High. Seriously. Im actually kind of sick at the moment, and my voice, isn't working, and this doesn't make me happy. Normally, I sing ALL the time, now when I open up my mouth this croaky, wierd sound comes out. YUCK! So I'm pretty quiet. Which feels so wierdddd! That should be proof that I'm not on a happy high :)

SoI've been reading this lady's blog, her name is Kelle Hapton, and if you havent read her blog, you can find it here http://www.kellehampton.com/, she's SO super-duper inspirational.

I just want to say that, Emily Haase is going to start enjoying the small things. Like photos, collages on my wall, new paintings on old canvases :D, singing, piano, being an art-fart (which I'm kind of ok with :P), being with my friends, all the hair pieces that i can't help but wear lately :D, my family (they're the best!), and God. (Last but defo not least!)

And I think maybe, just maybe.....I'm finding God, not finding Emily, and that's why I'm more me than I ever was :)

Some pics I love, and that make me happy :)


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