Monday, December 20, 2010

Longest. day. ever...This stemmed from the longest. night. ever.

But it's cool, cause it was totally worth being awake, and staying up late for nights and nights in a row to be with some of my awesome far-away friends.

The Walkers: are amazing. Only they could pull off 20 or so extra people around their place. at the same time as putting on an amazing production of 'Fiddler on the Roof'. It was so great, and i had the worst crick in my neck from sitting so close to the stage. But it was so good being right next to the actors, that i totally went back for seconds :D. It was so neck-crickable-worthy!

And then we'd come home from the theartre and drink tea, and be snug underneath rugs, and talk and talk, until we got kicked out to get to bed. I'm pretty sure that i had baggy eyes, and was slightly unfocused in the mornings, but it was GREAT!

Milly's 18th was great. Music and Dancing are the best, and fires, and fire twirling. IT WAS AWESOME!

But anyway, I am so tired now. But i unpacked my bag. That's a plus.

and I'm in my own bed tonight. That's a plus.

And only 4 more days until christmas! That's definitely a plus!

Em :)

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