Saturday, June 19, 2010


Horses. I've figured out that i actually don't mind being with them! I actually LIKE them! I've been doing horsemanship lessons. I've had three. but all them same. I like them lots!!!!! It helps that it's my friend Cherry's mama that's doing it with me, and that their horses are all as friendly as.....I don't know......something very friendly!
Last Friday was so cool, I had this horse cantering around me, and I think that, maybe, she was having as much fun as me! Of course it's probably not as fun for her when I do something wrong or click at her (something i find very difficult, considering my braced mouth lately) to many times and then she walks so fast i can't keep up :S.
And it doesn't even matter that I get home and my fingernails are all black, and I smell like a horse, and my jeans are a lil' hairy. I actually like the horse smell! Talk about amazing. We are talking about someone who used to feel squeamish just watching someone kiss a horse. I have to confess that there has maybe been some horse kissin' on my part :D! But don't worry I'm not planning on chewing tobacco, or wearing a cowboy hat, or spurs. And I'll try not to pull my lassoo out to often. :P

I'm pretty lucky I reckon.

This is Cherry, and me, one of my favourites at the moment.

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