Tuesday, January 18, 2011


SPOILER ALERT!!! - If you have not seen the movie Tangled, do not read this post!

I went and saw Tangled last night, hilarious movie! Of course some of the more tense moments were spoiled by a little baby crying....but hey, the guy just got stabbed...it was a little disturbing.

It follows the story of Rapunzel, but has a little twist. Rapunzel has magic hair...It has healing properties, and can make people young again.
So the witch wants her for her hair, and pretends to be her mother, and locks her up in a tower.
Cool right?
Being locked up in a tower for 18 years...not cool at all! I thought I had it bad...not at all compared to this chick.

All she wants when she gets out of this tower is to see these floating lanterns that are in the sky every year on her birthday. Anyway, of course her handsome man comes along, and he helps her escape from her tower. Not that he really has a choice. She does tie him up with her hair....

Anyway, the moment comes for the lanterns. They're in a little boat watching. While they're waiting Blondie turns around and says to Suave Boy, "I've waited for this moment my whole life, what if it's not all I hoped for and expected." (-please excuse any misquotes...I've only seen it once :P)
And Suave Boy says "It'll be better." (-or something like that.)

And it is...of course. It's a Disney Movie, predictable, and full of happy endings.

But I have to say, Blondie voices my thoughts for a lot of things in life. I feel like I am always looking forward to things in my life. Looking ahead. But I have a secret worry, What if it's not everything I expect and hope for???

Is it okay to be afraid?

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  1. Hey Em, it might depend a bit on your timeframe (Romans &:22,23)... And perhaps who you tie up with your hair? Cheers, Trav :)